Resorbable PDO threads

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads have been used in surgery for a long time and have proved to be very safe. In the last years they have been used also in the field of aesthetic medicine, where they act as powerful biostimulating and biorevitalizing agents.

The main interest of PDO threads is in the face, but thay can be used all over the body, wherever a tightening technique is required. Neck, décolleté, inner arm and thigh are very good indications.

They are usually positioned in a net fashion, so as to support the dermis and activate the dermal fibroblasts.

PDO threads can be positioned without any anesthesia; the needles are very thin and usually painless.

The procedure will take only a few minutes; patients can go back to their everyday life soon afterwards.

Tha healthy effects of the threads will start in about three weeks and will go on for about one year, although they are going to de resorbed in six months.

PDO threads are compatible with fillers, botulinum toxin and other biostimulating agents. Furthermore, they enhance the biostimulating effect and improve the result.

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